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World’s Oldest Newlyweds

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It’s a traditional meet cute story. Marjorie and Bernie lived on the same floor in Philadelphia. They had a lot in common. They both were widowers who had wonderful first marriages and didn’t expect to find love again. But, they fell in love and decided to get married. The slight twist in this story is that Marjorie Fiterman is 102 and Bernie Littman is 100. Their first marriages each lasted more than 60 years, and the floor they were both living on is in a senior living facility. In a surprise ceremony in front of family and friends, they officially became the world’s oldest newlyweds.

The pair met at a costume party where they live and had their first date shortly after. Thrilled by their supportive, loving relationship, family members never really expected them to get married in light of their ages. But why not? 

While Marjorie and Bernie have set a record, they aren’t the only centenarians to find love. If you don’t know about that, take a look at the centenarian stories on this website will attest. If you’re alive, you can love. Age isn’t really an issue. While having a significant other and loving relationships in your life may not actually be necessary to life itself, they undeniably impact the quality of life. Love relationships allow us to connect deeply with another person, experience trust, motivate us, inspire us – and often to be better people.

Wanting those things for ourselves – and others – isn’t something that should be tied to a number. 

To check out the smiles on the happy couple’s faces and read about the advice their rabbi gave the world’s oldest newlyweds, click here.

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