Pfeffer Chiropractic & Concussion Clinic, PA



Dorothy S.
Satisfied Patient
“ I had problems in my wrists and severe numbness in both feet. This affected my balance and ability to walk. A friend had completed the program with excellent results, so I thought I’d just come to meet the doctors. They spent time with me to uncover the cause of my problem and what could be done to improve my condition. I took the chance and it paid huge rewards! My hands are better and my feet have improved beyond my expectations!”
Satisfied Patient

“I came into Pfeffer Chiropractic for Neuropathy, but inadvertently received help for another issue. In discussions with Dr. Mike, I happened to mention about playing the piano and not being able to play after suffering a TIA. This made it impossible for me to read music. It was like it was in a different language and I could no longer play.

Dr. Mike did neuro exercises with me and we discussed other exercises I could do, such as simulation. I can now read and play music again! I am a little rusty from not playing for a while, but I am very happy and I improve every day!”

Satisfied Patient

“I think these brain sessions have really helped me. The therapies have been great, but I think these sessions are the best! I can tell my brain is working better and that means my body is responding too. I noticed it especially in my driving – my mind is much clearer. And my walking is improving too. I can even take some steps without my walker. I just need to remember to put my toe down first. I wonder why more clinics don’t offer this? I think a lot of folks could benefit from these sessions.”

Jean P.
Satisfied Patient
“I had been diagnosed with Sciatica. My feet were ice cold and my feet were very painful. The only freedom from pain was lying down. I had to lift my legs one at a time to get in and out of my van. The pain was excruciating. I was a mess. After coming to Pfeffer Chiropractic, my feet are warm and the numbness is gone. No more pain getting in and out of the van. My balance has improved. Sitting, standing and walking without severe pain is wonderful! Pfeffer Chiropractic took my pain away without inflicting any pain on me doing treatments!”