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Value the Day

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Clarence Arens is very clear. For this centenarian, getting up every morning and moving makes him value the day. He starts his day by exercising, followed by breakfast, then his daily 2 mile walk. In the evening, if he isn’t lifting weights in his living room while watching TV, he’s doing a sudoku or crossword puzzle or reading. He likes to keep his mind moving as well.  Clarence has been a man on the move for over 100 years, and it’s paid off in spades.


Born in Michigan, Clarence spent a great deal of time in nature – gardening, hunting, and fishing. He considers himself lucky that he really enjoyed doing these things, particularly during the Great Depression, a time when they were essential for survival. Over the years his connection to nature has deepened. He considers nature to be a very personal experience and wishes more kids today could spend time outside like he did.

Keeping Up

In his neighborhood he’s earned the nickname “Captain Lightbulb” because he makes a weekly trip around the 81 condo units in his association to make sure all the lights are working. It’s just one of the ways he lives his belief that the best way to better yourself is to help others.

Hi neighbors admire how mentally and physically active Clarence is. One neighbor who has known him for over 20 years commented that he’s never slowed down. She couldn’t keep up with him on walks when he was in his 80s – and she still can’t. Apparently Clarence jogs more than walks. She also suggests that you might not want to talk politics with Clarence unless you are up to date on everything – like he is.


Clarence is clearly living his 100 Year Lifestyle. He’s living proof that you can live at 100% for 100 year or more. While he recognizes that turning 100 was no small feat, he says he doesn’t think much about it. He just gets up every day and does his thing. By the looks of it he will continue doing his thing for many years to come. Why not? Living at 100%—your healthiest, best life possible一for 100 years or more is a basic principle of The 100 Year Lifestyle. We say that your healthy, long life is your birthright time, not borrowed time. Clarence is more than proving this to be true.

Interested in what Clarence calls his greatest accomplishment in life as well as his advice to others? Read the whole story here.








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