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The Healthiest Team Always Wins

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I have always had a passion for sports and athletics. I appreciate the camaraderie of the team, the commitment and focus it takes to pursue a physical goal and achieve excellence—and the lessons learned from both winning and losing. I’ve experienced sports as a player, a coach, and a team chiropractor, and one thing I know for sure is the healthiest team always wins. Regardless of what sports you enjoy—football, soccer, rugby, gymnastics—at the end of the game or event you will always hear the losing team talk about how the other team played a good game, but often the real reason they lost was because they had injured players and the winning team didn’t.

Sports or Life?

Whether we’re talking about sports or we’re talking about life, you can’t play to win if you aren’t healthy. You might make it on the field, you might even get to play for a while, but you aren’t going to support your team, you aren’t going to play your best, you aren’t going to win if you aren’t healthy. The same goes for life. You aren’t going to “win,” you aren’t going to live your longest, healthiest life—100% for 100 years—if you aren’t healthy.

In sports, the objective when it comes to health is always to be playing at peak performance, to feel and be at your best. For the teams I’ve worked with that means eating right, sleeping well and enough, and receiving regular chiropractic lifestyle care including before and after any games. It means living in balance by making time for PrimeTime (results oriented activities) PrepTime (organization and planning) and PlayTime (enjoyment and rejuvenation). It means that your quality of life motivates you to take care of yourself, and you don’t just wait for a medical crisis to take care of yourself.

Doesn’t Work That Way

After 35 years as a chiropractor, I can’t tell you how many times new patients have walked my office as a “last resort.”  They’re in pain. Sometimes they received different diagnosis from multiple medical “specialists.” The proposed treatments are all invasive and extreme. They’ve heard of chiropractic care, even received it in the past, but they didn’t think to continue it once their last crisis was “resolved.”  It doesn’t work that way. Life and your health don’t work that way.

No Off Season

Athletes don’t stop taking care of themselves during the off season. They know that their quality of life on and off the field depends on a continuous practice of wellness care. If anything, athletes use their free time during the off-season to double down on taking care of themselves, focusing on rejuvenating their bodies, mind, and spirit, and honing their skills.

At 100 Year Lifestyle we often remind people that they may not want to live to be 100, they might not plan to live to 100, but they just might live to 100 anyway. The choice isn’t yours to make, and the odds are that you will live longer than you anticipate as the number of centenarians is growing every year.

If you’ve never considered the possibility of living to be 100—or more—calculate your own longevity potential. Then decide if you want to be on the winning team or not.

The 100 Year Lifestyle wants you on our team! Visit our website to read more about how to live your best 100 Year Lifestyle and find a chiropractor near you today!


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